Graffiti Removal


With the best equipment in the industry and a full line of environmentally-responsible cleaning solvents, our graffiti removal methodology is unmatched.

Novis Development can remove any unwanted graffiti on many different types of surfaces:

  • Painted surfaces 
  • Stone walls or stonework 
  • Signage (traffic, street or building signs) 
  • Metallic surfaces 
  • Glass or window surfaces 
  • Concrete walls 
  • Brick surfaces
  • Woodwork 

You can rely on our experienced team for safe removal of graffiti with cleaning solvents and products that cause no health or environmental damage. We use a mix of techniques together like pressure washing, soft washing, polishing and cleaning solvents. For example, we may use solvents with low concentration, in combination with the right washing method to get your exteriors cleaned. 

Graffiti and vandalism can affect your business reputation and also lower your property value. Novis Development provides you with hassle-free solution to this annoying problem. For us, it is all about helping our customers restore their property and exteriors. We restore the damage done by graffiti on any surface type in a very professional and safe way. 

If you are not sure how to prevent graffiti that is ruining exterior surfaces of your residential or commercial property, then get in touch with our specialists at Novis Development to find out more about our efficient graffiti removal and clean

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